Headhunter Guards – Cobra Headhunters

Code Name: Headhunter Guards

Headhunter Guardians

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Crime Boss Guardians

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Birthplace: Various Countries

Headhunter Guards are recruited from the greediest, most ruthless criminal organizations in the world. Gristle offers them a big money stake in Cobra´s global operations and a chance to live out their meanest fantasies in return for absolute loyalty and obedience. They are willing to undergo constant and rigorous training in advanced weapon systems and fighting styles to further their careers in Cobra´s highly illegal and utterly ruthless business ventures.

Frightening in both their skill and number, they seize whole cities and infest them like rats, using civilian warehouses to stockpile contraband for worldwide distribution. They even provide fronts for international money laundering along with the manufacturing of illicit materials. Knowing the value of the often-hazardous goods they deal in, they are adept at setting up tripwires and booby trap devices to protect their inventory and take care of anyone foolish enough to enter their domain.

“We´d rather see the whole building blown sky high than let the authorities get their hands on what we´re guarding!”




Black backpack
Silver/brown pistol
Silver/brown shotgun
Silver rifle