Headhunter B.A.T.S. – Cobra Headhunters

Code Name: Headhunter B.A.T.S.

Headhunter Battle Android Troopers

Primary Military Speciality: Weapons Manufacturing

Secondary Military Speciality: Combat & Destruction

Place of Construction: Cobra Island

Through many manufactured versions and much trial and error, B.A.T.S. are still the perennial almost-perfect trooper. They don´t eat, sleep, or plot the takeover of Cobra. Unfortunately, they are definitely known to accidentally attack other Cobra troopers, their fellow B.A.T.S., or even expensive looking furniture. Naturally these are acceptable losses, considering the robot´s relatively inexpensive production cost. Now, premiere B.A.T. Mechanic, Hotwire, has taken what he considers the best features of every early version android trooper to date, and combined them into one near-perfect mechanical soldier.

To aid the Headhunters, this amalgam B.A.T. has also been retrofitted to function as an ordinary assembly line worker. This will ensure the incredible dangerous toxins being loaded into the chemical-dispersing weapon modules do not annihilate the entire Headhunter army during manufacture. Yet, at the flip of a switch from Hotwire, these automatons will convert back to their original, deadly programming, even detonating themselves if invading forces get too close.

From Hotwire´s journals: “Motion detectors, thermal tracking, ultrasonic sensors…but why did Dr. Mindbender give them pants?”




Black backpack
Silver laser
Silver gripper arm
Silver torch
Silver hand