Gristle – Cobra Headhunters

Code Name: Gristle

Headhunter Commander

File Name: Roger, Danimal J.
(Known Alias Vandalo, Brutus)

Primary Military Speciality: Crime Boss

Secondary Military Speciality: Smuggler

Birthplace: Montego Bay, Jamaica

When you think of greasy, slime ball type, you are basicly thinking about Gristle. Like his namesake, he is a disgusting but resilient individual who has evaded capture from civilian authorities for over a decade. Rumored to have relocated to South America, he somehow masterminded the exponential growth of the newly motivated Headhunters into a powerful worldwide crime organization. Now both respected and feared in the underworld, Gristle commands the legions of Headhunters working as an international syndicate of smugglers for Cobra, specializing in goods deemed too dangerous or questionable for the tastes of his peers.

Fearing a fate similar to that of his short-sighted predessor, Gristle personally trained his underlings in rarely-seen street fighting styles to maximize their skills as bodyguards. This protection is especially needed as the Headhunters ensure the clandestine manufacture of chemical-firing weapon modules for Cobra. The G.I. Joe team will soon discover they have never faced a more ruthless crime boss, or one with a more impressive private army of vicious, highly trained guards.

“Don´t waste your time…you´ll never get your hands on me!”




Black/silver pistol
Black/brown shotgun