Zap – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Zap

Ground Artillery Soldier

File Name: Melendez, Rafael J.

Primary Military Speciality: Anti-Armor Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Combat Engineer (21B)

Birthplace: New York, NY

Grade: E-6

An original member of the G.I. Joe Team, Zap has a reputation for coolness under fire and a totally professional attitude. He is the team specialist in infantry-prtable, armor-defeating, high-explosive projectile delivery systems, which is to that if it´s a weapon that a soldier can carry and it can blow up a tank, Zap has probably got one. Proficient in everything from demolitions to utilizing Tactical Automated Fire Control System (TAFCS) for field artillery, he´s like a computer…always learning and adding the latest hardware or upgrades in technology. This vast knowledge of the necessary tools and applied techniques adds to his battlefield savvy.

Zap is always on the front line, ready to clear terrain obstacles, breach fortifications or handle any explosive threats to maximize the safety of his team. He stays in top physical condition, because he knows the demanding requirements of carrying heavy ordnance onto the battlefield. Currently engaged in cold weather training in Colorado, he will do whatever it takes to impede the forces of Cobra and stop them from aqquiring anything from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

“I open tanks like they were sardine cans.”




Green missile launcher
Grey missile
Grey submachine gun