Sgt. Flash – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Sgt. Flash

Laser Rifle Trooper

File Name: Gambello, Anthony S.

Primary Military Speciality: Laser Weapon Systems

Secondary Military Speciality: Fire Control Repairer (45G)

Birthplace: Lodi, CA

Grade: E-5

When electronic equipment breaks down in the middle of a tense mission, the team needs it up and running fast. That´s where Sgt. Flash comes in. He´s highly skilled in many aspects of electronic technology and is capable of equipment repair on the battlefield. His knowledge of computers, advanced circuitry, and both analog and digital electronis made him a prime candidate for the experimental weapons program. Now he get to evaluate and design Top Secret portable laser weapons systems for tactical purposes.

The weapon that Sgt. Flash carries is not used for spotting targets; it´s been personally tested for combat situations. His laser rifle fires an intense burst that can fry enemy communications and equipment – rendering it useless within seconds. With a fully-charged power pack, he can melt the doors off armored vehicles and give the bad guys inside a very warm surprise. He´s always ready to put his gear to the test in any climate or situation. The only downside to his job is running out of power and then waiting for the re-charge!

“Your equipment can make the difference between getting out alive and not getting out at all.”




Silver backpack
Silver laser rifle
Black hose