Rock´n´Roll – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Rock´n´Roll

Machine Gunner

File Name: McConnel, Craig S.

Primary Military Speciality: Physical Training Instructor

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantryman (11B)

Birthplace: Malibu, CA

Grade: E-6

A surfer, bodybuilder and bass guitarist in his free time, Rock´n´Roll has been the machine gun and Gatling gun specialist for the G.I. Joe team since its inception. Over the years he has proven to have an unfortunate knack for stumbling onto Cobra strongholds and secret operations, sometimes even getting captured – all to Cobra´s eventual regret. His quite demeanor often leads people to believe he is a product of the laid-back California lifestyle, but Doc believes he may actually be losing his hearing, though she is unsure if it is from the blaring noise of his machine gun or his penchant for high-decibel heavy metal music.

Rock´n´Roll is genuinely dedicated to preserving freedom and the safety of his teammates like few others. He is constantly updating his equipment and skills, even taking assignments in obscure, highly-classified sonic weapons projects. He is always ready to lay down cover fire and guide the team to their target without missing a beat. To keep his skills sharp, Rock´n´Roll has fully prepared for his cold weather training in the Rocky Mountains, but it also doesn´t hurt that he will be bringing along his new snowboard.

“You have to learn to adapt or wash out – that´s why Cobra will always lose, they never change!”




Grey machine gun
2 x grey machine gun stands
Grey ammo crate
Grey knife