Night Stalkers Trooper 2 – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Cobra Trooper

Night Stalker Shock Trooper

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Covert Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Reconnaissance

Birthplace: Various

The Cobra Night Stalkers are a special unit of female Cobra Troopers. They are trained to take advantage of battlefield chaos to avoid traditional detection and slip far behind enemy lines into areas under attack and safely infiltrate restricted areas. Because they have lighter frames, are less armored, and carry less gear than average troopers, they can move ahead of the rest of the Cobra legions to quickly extract key documents or equipment and escape before the heavy fire teams destroy the entire site (or prior to any self-destruct sequence being activated). Once deployed and active behind enemy lines, they are cut from Cobra reinforcements, and rely on their training  and improvised orders from their Cobra Night Stalkers Commander.

Cobra has never had a more ruthless group of all-female assault troops. Although they despise having to work with Lt. Clay Moore, they know he is a means to an end for their mission objective. When the Rocky Mountain Arsenal falls under attackt from Cobra tanks, each trooper moves into action with a specific chemical weapon objective – separately dangerous on their own, but together they are a toxic part of another master scheme of Cobra Commander.

“We arrive right after the SHOCK and leave just before the AWE!”




Black helmet
Grey rifle
2 x grey hand grenades
Grey knife