Night Stalkers Commander – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Cobra Officer

Night Stalkers Commander

File Name: Bristow, Rebecca M.

Primary Military Speciality: Covert Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Rotary/Fixed-Wing Pilot

Birthplace: Perth, Australia

Grade: O-3 (Equivalent)

The Cobra Night Stalkers Commander served in the Australian Army as a Specialist Service Officer flying rotary wing aircraft. She was later discharged after staging a mercenary coup for the benefit of Cobra, which ended her military career but impressed Cobra Commander enough to let her form her own unit. Although the organization already has several tactical assault groups, the Cobra Night Stalkers are distinguished by their hit-&-run infiltration tactics. The team members are hand-picked for this covert operations unit and are easily reconizable due to their distinctive body armor and the fact that they are all female. Each soldier is trained in the use of a wide-variety of firearms and edged weaponry for complete battlefield adaptability. However, their primary function is infiltration and exfiltration of special operations targets.

The Cobra Night Stalkers Commander constantly pushes the limits of her team´s stealth tactics, speed, and self-sufficiency, often training for weeks in the Australian Outback. Overseeing each missing, she is personally responsible for the performance of her elite squad and the completion of each objective. It´s this close teamwork that has given them a 100% success rate. Their current assignment is to retrieve highly sought after chemical weapon materials from the Rocky Mountain Arsenal.

“Out silence can be lethal!”




Black helmet
Grey knife
Grey machine gun
Grey rifle