Lt. Clay Moore – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Lt. Clay Moore

Shock Viper Commander

File Name: Moore, Clayton W.

Primary Military Speciality: Heavy Weapons

Secondary Military Speciality: Anti-Armor Specialist

Birthplace: Detroit, MI

Grade: O-2 (Equivalent)

Growing up on the mean streets of Detroit, Lt Clay Moore was the toughest member of his street gang and ruthlessly defended his territory. After surviving years of street battles, one fateful hospital recovery changed his mind about his stagnant situation. Misinterpreting the advice of his doctor, he decided there was not enough profit in these local “turf wars” and opted to join the Cobra organization. His tenacity and natural leadership skills allowed him to become a garrison officer at Cobra Headquarters. It was not until Lt. Clay Moore ferreted out a “traitor” in the ranks, that he proved himself an invaluable asset to Cobra Commander. His reward was command of the elite Cobra Shock Viper corps.

Lt. Clay Moore has that unique combination of brute strength and intelligence. He personally carries an impressive arsenal of anti-armor weapons. Using his expert knowledge of tactical vulnerabilities allows him to easily destroy armored vehicles or breakthrough any obstacles in his path. With the recently aqquired stolen plans, he will lead the assault on the Rocky Mountain weapons arsenal. Creating a diversion with Rip It´s tanks will allow the Cobra Night Stalkers to infiltrate and plunder the armory. After that, it´s just a matter of safely transporting the deadly cargo to their extraction point.

“It doesn´t take much finesse to rally my troops for global carnage.”




Grey missile launcher
Grey missile
Grey rifle
Blue helmet