Doc – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Clutch

Motor Vehicle Operator

File Name: Steinberg, Lance J.

Primary Military Speciality: Transportation

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantryman (11B)

Birthplace: Asbury Park, NJ

Grade: E-5

Doc aqquired her medical degree from the Wayne State University School of Medicine. She took residence at a local Detroit hospital, but found treating victims of repetitive street violence too circular. After seeing even the leaders of these gangs constantly facing the ends of their young lives for no good reason, she made her decision to follow in her legendary uncle´s footsteeps with a military career. Upon her enlistment into the Army, she successfully completed the AMEED (Army Medical Department) Officer Advanced Course at the top of her class. Specializing in both laboratory and behavioral sciences, she proved that she could perform under the intense physical and mental pressures required for the job. Opting for a position as a special operations medic, she was instantly recruited into the G.I. Joe Team.

Safeguarding human life has become more than a job – it´s a family tradition. Doc supervises and administers emergency medical treatment to battlefield casualties. She is ready to perform her duty in any hot or cold climate and battlefield situation. Working closely with her G.I. Joe support staff, a MEDEVAC (medical evacuation) transport is always a radio call away. Although she´s a pacifist, her sidearm is actually a unique tranquilizer gun that shoots a projectile containing a sedative to help the wounded or incapacitate any unruly Cobra prisoners for extraction.

“A smile hurts less than a scalpel.”




Orange backpack
Grey tranquilizer gun
White medical case