Clutch – Tanks For The Memories

Code Name: Clutch

Motor Vehicle Operator

File Name: Steinberg, Lance J.

Primary Military Speciality: Transportation

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantryman (11B)

Birthplace: Asbury Park, NJ

Grade: E-5

Clutch is a master mechanic and street racer, famous everywhere from his start at Manny´s Mean Machines in New Jersey to the Indianapolis 500. His interest in seeing what vehicles the military had available to “play with” led him to an impressive Army career, as well as being hand-picked for assignment to the G.I. Joe team. With his promotion to Sergeant, he became the chief vehicle technician for the entire G.I. Joe motor pool. While famous for driving and tricking out Vamp´s (Multi-Purpose Attact Vehicles), he is adept with all jeeps, quads, APCs, and any other four-wheeled vehicles he can get his hands on. He even retools captured Cobra vehicles just to see how they tick, and how he can improve them.

Clutch has a great deal of specialist training under his belt, including Advanced Infantry Training, Covert Ops School, Ranger School, and even Executive Bodyguard School. However, the only things he really cares about are fast cars and women, which he still refers to as ´chicks´. Some time ago his teammates convinced Sparks to hack the official database and change his codename, but he only took it as a compliment, knowing how difficult it is to master that gear-changing technique. His knowledge of cold weather driving will come in handy during Lt. Steeler´s current training mission, and he expects to complete his qualifications in record time, so that it doesn´t interfere with his racing schedule.

“Why just outrun Cobra when I can drive circles around them?”




Grey submachine gun
Grey machine gun