Starduster – Jump Jet 2-pack

Code Name: Starduster

Jet Pack Trooper

File Name: Skylar, Edward J.

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Transportable/Air Recon

Secondary Military Speciality: Counterintelligence Agent (97B)

Birthplace: Burlingame, CA

Grade: E-5

Since World War II, the perfection of the jet pack has been the most elusive goal in the field of personnel transportation. Models known to the public are impractical due to the tremendous heat produced, inefficient fuel usage, limited altitude and short flight duration. But the J.U.M.P. (Jet Unit Mobile Propulsion) jet pack used by the G.I. Joe team is capable of several hours´ flight, unmatched maneuverability, and staggering velocity. To this day the specifics of the JUMP´s engineering and fuel source remain locked away at G.I. Joe Headquarters, despite many attempts by Cobra forces to steal the technology and capture its aerialist, Starduster.

Starduster is a former circus acrobat and Airborne Ranger. Though he is often found on the G.I. Joe test grounds, looking for advancements in jet pack, rocket belt or helicopter backpack technologies, he never misses an opportunity to take on field missions. When he was assigned to the cold weather training exercise in the Colorado Rockies, he jumped at the chance to test the latest version of the JUMP in extreme weather conditions. As an added attraction, he is looking forward to sharing the spotlight with his former protégé Grand Slam – and seeing if he can still out fly him!

“Traveling 150 miles per hour with an engine strapped to your back is the easy part. Stopping in midair, splashing Cobra targets with a laser marker, and getting away before the incoming artillery hits is the REAL showstopper!”





Green backpack
Green laser gun
Green helmet
Black hose
Grey laser rifle
Red/orange flame base