Grand Slam – Jump Jet 2-pack

Code Name: Grand Slam

Jet Pack Trooper

File Name: Barney, James J.

Primary Military Speciality: Field Artillery Specialist

Secondary Military Speciality: Special Electronic Device Repairer (94F)

Birthplace: Chippewa Falls, WI

Grade: E-5

Grand Slam received his initial training in conventional artillery and graduated Special Weapons School (Top of Class). He is familiar with most indirect fire weapons and their various capabilities. From light mortars to howitzer, grenade launchers to anti-tank cannons. Grand Slam knows each weapon´s firing range and operation. His ability to estimate distance and plot trajectories is exceptional. He can set up just the right artillery attack to “soften up” the enemy, cause general confusion or destroy entrenched fortifications. When he´s not behind the control or the latest artillery weapon, he´s in the sky providing aerial recon with the J.U.M.P. (Jet Unit Mobile Propulsion) Jetpack. He positions himself at the front edge of battle or behind enemy lines, to observe Cobra forces and call back to the team with target locations.

Grand Slam is fascinated with science fiction and fantasy comic books. That´s why he´s the perfect candidate to strap a “rocket” to his back, hand him a “ray-gun” and send him flying towards the enemy. He´s gifted with superior coordination to handle flight control and aerial combat at the same time. These special skills come in handy when he works with Starduster on their combined recon missions. If the enemy spots them, he´ll need to follow his counterpart´s crazy stunt maneuvers to escape…or else he´s a sitting duck waiting for target practice.

“Send me flying and it´s always a homerun for the team!”





Green backpack
Green laser gun
Green helmet
Black hose
Grey laser rifle
Red/orange flame base