Overlord – Cobra´s Most Wanted

Code Name: Overlord

Coil Commander

File Name: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Strategic Command

Secondary Military Speciality: Psy-Ops

Birthplace: Classified

Overlord was a former Crimson Guardsman who saw an oppotunity to usurp the Cobra hierarchy. Charismatic and powerful, he drew many followers to his side using the platform of a return to traditional Cobra values – gradual but steady world conquest and acquisition of leadership. While he has attempted various allegiances over the years with others, he now has foresworn any further alliances and has devoted himself to raising his own secret army, the Coil. While his plans have taken years to grow to fruition, he continues to slowly writhe his way back into the inner circle of Cobra, and vows to wrest control of the serpent bedecked throne from Cobra Commander once and for all.

In order to win the latest mercenary challenge, Overlord must use his amassed knowledge, contacts, and other covert resources to determine the whereabouts of G.I. Joe´s premier Drill Instructor, Sgt. Slaughter. He wishes nothing more than to sink his claws into the prize. However, his ultimate goal is to use Cobra Commander´s own wealth to strengthen the Coil army and use it to overthrow the Cobra Empire!

“Victory goes to the leader with the most indispensable warriors!”




Gold helmet
2 x gold claws
Grey submachine gun