Major Bludd – Cobra´s Most Wanted

Code Name: Major Bludd

Skull Squad Commander

File Name: Bludd, Sebastion

Primary Military Speciality: Mercenary

Secondary Military Speciality: Weapons and Tactics

Birthplace: Sydney, Australia

Grade: O-4 (Major)

Major Bludd received his initial military training in the Australian Special Service but left to join the French Foreign Legion. He then worked as a military advisor in a number of hostile countries where he committed criminal acts against peaceful governments. He is still wanted for crimes on three continents and is considered one of the world´s most dangerous fugitives. Proficient with every form of infantry weapon currently in use, Major Bludd also has a tactical mind like a stell trap but continues to write really bad poetry. His rhymes even get rejected from prison newsletters!

A mercenary´s job is a heartless one, and Major Bludd continous to prove that his heart was lost long ago. He has been on the Cobra payroll numerous times, bit it´s his freelance activities that have given him the “bad” reputation. His latest endeavor calls for him to recruit an international group of the most cutthroat soldiers-for-hire, send them to the four corners of the world to track down the latest location of Sgt. Slaughter´s secret training base, and remote the drill instructor – permanently.

“When you see me, you better run…because chasing you down is half the fun!”




Grey submachine gun
Grey rifle