Coil Trooper – Cobra´s Most Wanted

Code Name: Coil Trooper

Mercenary Soldier

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Counter Intelligence

Birthplace: Various

Coil Troopers are the most vicious and ruthless of all sub-armies in the extended Cobra Empire. They range from former Viper agents to expatriated soldiers tired of playing by the rules. Because of their mutually secret origins, they tend to be a more tightly knit and better disciplined organization than most of Cobra´s fodder, and adhere to a strict join-for-life policy. Swarming over their enemies with far more violence then is required, they pursue the goals of their leader, Overlord, with absolute devotion. Rumurs that this loyalty is chemically-induced have yet to be substantiated, though they range from agression-causing additives in their food to derivatives of Serpentor´s blood in their drink!

The troopers of the Coil army are driven to help their leader win Cobra Commander´s mercenary challenge by eliminating Sgt. Slaughter. Some look forward to the oppotunity to crush the legendary G.I. Joe Drill Instructor because of old Cobra grudges, some because of the rough treatment they received before “washing out” under his tutelage!

“No one escapes the crushing might of the COIL!”




Grey submachine gun
Grey rifle