Cobra Mortal – Cobra´s Most Wanted

Code Name: Cobra Mortal

Cobra Elite Enforcer

File Name: Unknown

Primary Military Speciality: Assassination

Secondary Military Speciality: Tactical Sniper

Birthplace: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Grade: O-6 (Colonel)

Cobra Mortal is a mystery, yet his name and talents are well known throughout South America. He served for several years in the Cobra battalion that operates south of the equator, but for reasons unknown, severed his official ties and became a mercenary agent. He is now a professional assassin with a long list of high-profile names that have fallen under his scope. Equally adept at reconnaissance and surveillance, his real talent is the elimination of enemies from a consealed location and withdrawing without ever being seen. His cold and calculating tactics as well as his strange body armor, lead many to believe that he may not even be human.

Although he still functions as a Cobra field operative and holds rank when the pay warrents his services, his implacable cruelty marks him as too heartless even for others to stomach. This is exactly how Cobra Mortal prefers it, trusting in his own abilities rather than relying on vast armies, and using his skill with exotic armaments such as his custom laser crossbow and reflective body armor rather than traditional weapons. He believes tracking down and eliminating Sgt. Slaughter will be the perfect opportunity to showcase his merciless ways and make a name for himself the world over.

“He who wears the optimum body armor – always wins!”




Grey crossbow
Grey rifle