Metal-Head – General Mayhem

Code Name: Metal-Head

Iron Grenadiers Air Marshall

File Name: Finley, Stuart A.

Primary Military Speciality: Aerial Vehicle Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Anti-Tank Specialist

Birthplace: Annapolis, MD

Metal-Head is the leader of the Iron Grenadiers air assault squadron. He has allowed Destro´s top scientists to surgically implant an electro-magnetic shunt directly into his brain. This mnemonic device allows him to connect into the M.A.R.S. mainframe computer and download weapon and vehicle specifications directly into his memory. He simply plugs into the system and allows his bio-processors to aqquire the knowledge. Metal-Head also has an integrated targeting sight located in the optic nerve of his left eye. All he has to do is make visual contact with a target, calculate the range, then yell “bang” to utilize his voice-activated weapon systems.

These upgrades have given Metal-Head faster reflexes, which makes him particularly adept with advanced technology aircraft – such as the Stealth A.G.P. (Anti-Gravity Pod). He now has the ability to execute ultra fast maneuvers that would physically debilitate other pilots. The few seconds it takes for his opponent to compensate is all he needs to calculate their range and launch his missiles to blast them out of the sky.

“I´ve got my eye on you – a Bull´s Eye that is!”




Grey submachine gun
Grey rifle