Iron Grenadier – General Mayhem

Code Name: Iron Grenadier

Destro´s Elite Troopers

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Marketing & Sales

Birthplace: Various

Iron Grenadiers are Destro´s elite ground forces, the backbone of his personal army of the same name. Lured from the world´s finest military institutions by the promise of wealth and power, Destro delivers both to those skilled enough and greedy enough to make the cut. Intensely trained in both economics and warfare, they are equally prepared to sell M.A.R.S. armaments and armor to even the most reticent customer, or use those same arms to utterly conquer them. They are the de facto standard of elite trooper, more efficient and feared then Crimson Guard Troops.

While these elite troops are all ruthlessly loyal to Destro (even the Iron Grenadiers subcontracted by Cobra Commander) General Mayhem´s regiment could be considered the elite of the elite. Equipped with the next generation of M.A.R.S. ultra light body armor and tactical battle helmets, they consist primarily of former Spetsnaz (Soviet Special Forces) troops and officers, as well as other mercenaries personally selected by Destro for their knowledge of the territory and devotion to the Iron Grenadiers cause.

“There is no better motivation than a one million dollar bonus to the man who brings Destro another corporation!”




Black backpack
Grey rifle
Grey pistol
Grey knife