Iron Anvil – General Mayhem

Code Name: Iron Anvil

Iron Grenadiers Paratrooper

File Name: Various

Primary Military Speciality: Commando

Secondary Military Speciality: Hand-to-Hand Combat

Birthplace: Various

Iron Anvil paratroopers are Destro´s elite airborne commandos. They are only used when brute force is necessary to complete a hostile take-over by the M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research Systems) Corporation. These specialized assault troopers are sent in ahead of the ground forces to overwhelm enemy defences. Their primary missions focus on the subversion of major economic and military installations by either destroying them or putting them out of action. Iron Anvil Troops have a tactical advantage in that they appear on the battlefield anywhere that aircraft can deploy them. However, they prefer to be dropped from low flying helicopters and like their namesake, make small impact craters whereever they land.

Each trooper wears a self-contained bio-suit that is protected by layers of composite and reactive armor which acts like a shock absorber for their earthbound landings. This tactic has both a psychological impact as well as a demoralizing affect on their adversaries. Once on the ground, Iron Anvil Troopers engage in close quarters combat using their expert hand-to-hand fighting skills to apprehend prisoners for slave labor in one of Destro´s new factories.

“Parachutes are for wimps – once the Iron Anvils drops – nothing can stop us!”




Black backpack
Grey submachine gun
Grey knife
Red parachute