General Mayhem – General Mayhem

Code Name: General Mayhem

Iron Grenadiers General

File Name: Mayhemovski, Vladimir P.

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry Commander

Secondary Military Speciality: Counterintelligence

Birthplace: Kirovograd, Ukraine

General Mayhem is a former Spetsnaz (Special Forces) commander for the Russian Army. For years, he carried out deep reconnaissance missions and blitzkrieg-style attacks with flawless efficiency for the motherland. Followed by a devoted cadre of soldiers and officers that shared his vision of ruthless conquest and utter destruction of the weak, his arrogance inevitably was his own downfall. After a particularly terrifying campaign of merciless interrogation and elimination of alleged enemies of the state, he and his comrades were stripped of rank and incarcerated. Escaping before they could be tried, they fled to the criminal underground where they remain wanted for crimes against humanity, relentlessly pursued by the Oktober Guard (a Russian counterpart to the G.I. Joe Team).

Resurfacing several years later under the guise of General Mayhem, this effective but cruel leader found a welcome home with Destro´s Iron Grenadiers. His apparent viciousness is barely tempered by his sheer military brilliance, often formulating bewildering attack plans that appear totally chaotic and disorienting to his opponents, but ultimately come together in an indomitable orchestration of troops and artillery – truely the work of a mad genious. While their methods may be different, Destro appreciates a general who is not afraid to make unpopular decisions and take the blame – or take credit as General Mayhem puts it!

“Friend, foe, or innocent bystander, anyone foolish enough to get in our way will be crushed beneath my boot heels!”




Grey pistol
Grey bazooka