Destro – General Mayhem

Code Name: Destro

Iron Grenadiers Leader

File Name: Destro XXIV, James McCullen

Primary Military Speciality: Weapons Manufacturer

Secondary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Birthplace: Callendar, Scotland

As Commander of the Iron Grenadiers and CEO of M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research Systems), Destro leads the world in weapons development and production. He is also one of the most feared tyrants in the world, simply because of his sheer brilliance. A strange mixture of honorable and terrifying, he instigates conflict, not out of emotional hatred or personal plans of world conquest, but for the weapons sales that will follow. He seeks financial domination over his enemies, but wisely leaves political conquest to mad schemers like Cobra Commander. He comes away victorious even when his allies fail, because he usually has sold weapons to both sides. Even the G.I. Joe team unknowingly uses M.A.R.S. equipment purchased from dummy companies!

Honor demands Destro be in the thick of battle with his troops, and family tradition dictates he wear gold regalia for full scale conflicts. Not just a gaudy show of power, his field battle armor is, of course, practical and functional, being a more advanced prototype version of armor he has sold to other military forces. He has also traded his infamous wrist rockets for more stylish hand-held missile launchers.

“Military speaking, of course my gleaming helmet makes an obvious target. It is also the most protected part of my armor!”




Black backpack
Grey ammo belt
Grey missile launcer
Grey rifle/missile launcher
6 x grey missiles