Zarana – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Zarana

Dreadnok Leader

File Name: Unknown

Birthplace: Unknown

Zarana is the sinister of Zartan – Master of Disguise. She is a professional assassin who gains access to her victims through skillful acting and masterful use of makeup. While her brother Zandar concentrates on the purely physical aspects of disguise, Zarana works from the method-actor´s point of view: to completely become the object of her impersonation – to think, feel, and react like another person. As convincing as her impersonations can be, she can´t sustain them for very long without revealing the unbridled nastiness that is at the core of her real self. She´s smart and ambitious, but throws tantrums when things don´t go her way.

Zarana is the acting leader of the Dreadnoks gang while her brother hatches a plot from within the ranks of the G.I. Joe team. She has arranged a “try out” for a new group of probationary members called the Dreadheads (six cousins with the knack for destruction and a deep-rooted hatred for one of the members of the G.I. Joe team). Although she could handle this unruly bunch on her own, she often uses Dreadnok Enforcer Road Pig to enforce her will and keep the other Dreadnoks in line during a mission.

“I wish there were two of you….then I could bash your heads together and really get your attention.”




Black backpack
Grey rifle w/blades