Vance – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadhead Vance

Dreadnok Recruit

File Name: Smith, Cornelius E.

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

The Dreadnoks consider Dreadhead Vance to be their “right-hand maniac”. He is ill-mannered, self-destructive and completely out of control. This Dreadhead seems to party non-stop, is always the last to leave the local bar, and usually is the first one there the next morning. He starts fights then sneaks out when it gets too intense, plays unfunny practical jokes on the other Dreadheads, and always disappears when there is work to be done. The Dreadnoks do absolutely nothing to curb his behavior. They prefer to cut him loose and watch what happens, because whatever he does, makes them look more responsible by comparison.

Vance was always the antithesis of Beachhead. The day the Dreadheads picked a fight with the future G.I. Joe, Vance couldn´t resist giving him a cheap shot from behind. Never following the rules and always in trouble, the bad boy biker remained in the same place for years while the hometown hero went on to become an international hero. Strangely, it is Vance who feels sorry for Beachhead.

“I´m bad to the bone, baby! That´s why I´m the Dreadnoks´ favorite!”




Grey shotgun
Grey rifle