Roscoe – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadhead Roscoe

Dreadnok Recruit

File Name: Wesson, Maximillian Q.

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Dreadhead Roscoe despises having to use “silly” codenames, but accepts it as a necessary evil. He feels he deserves the air of superiority his family´s money gives him, but his attitude often leads to abuse from his fellow Dreadheads. But the greatest injustice he sees is the way the Dreadnoks force him to be their personal manservant, spending several hours each day sharpening and polishing the gang´s collection of unusual weapons and equipment.

Roscoe has a longstanding hatred of Beachhead. No matter how superior the Dreadhead felt he was, he always had to watch as the “goody-two-shoes” got the better grades, the bigger sports trophies and the prettier girlfriends. His many years of unresolved jealousy easily make him the most unpredictable Dreadhead. He knows they need the Dreadnoks´ connections to Cobra to get close to Beachhead, but as soon as they are no longer useful, his cousins might decide to take over this gang of idiots!

“I´ll break more than just your pride!”




Grey shotgun
Grey rifle