Road Pig – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Road Pig

Dreadnok Enforcer

File Name: DeLuca, Donald

Birthplace: Goblu, Michigan

Dreadnok Road Pig was kicked out of every low-life, outlaw biker gang from one coast to the other. He was a vexatious wanderer, until the Dreadnoks took him in as one of their own. He´s gross-looking and smells worse than anyone would think is humanly possible, but his brute strength makes him more than useful to the gang.

It doesn´t take much to make him mad – just point him in the right direction and he´ll stomp everything in sight. Dreadnok Road Pig actually believes that smashing things is the solution to all of life´s problems. Besides, his cinderblock hammer tends to end all arguments rather quickly…*be it breath mint or candy mint*. He has taken the position as Zarana´s bodyguard, and feels that it is his responsibility to watch over her (whether she likes it or not).

“I think, therefore, I smash!”




Black should pads
Black forearm shield
Dark grey crossbow
Dark grey cinderblock hammer