Ripper – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Ripper

Dreadnok Agent

File Name: Nod, Harry

Birthplace: Grim Cape, Tasmania

Being thrown out of the nastiest biker gang in Tasmania made Dreadnok Ripper´s entrance into the gang an easy decision. He was a penchant for makeshift, oversized, and occasionally unorthodox edged weapons. His appetite for destruction is second only to his unbelievable greed. He has secretly amassed a considerable amount of wealth through side businesses, both legitimate and illicit. He also has saved a small fortune by not “wasting” money on hygiene products, but the rest of the Dreadnoks have not seemed to notice.

Unlike most others in the gang, Dreadnok Ripper has no aspirations of taking over the gang. He is content to be either a grunt or temporary field leader as the situation demands, as long as he gets paid on time. He is also smarter than he looks or acts, having learned basic number crunching from Cobra´s former accountant. Even the occasional stints in prison did not bother him. He just passed the time by mentally calculating the interest he was earning.

“Lucky for me that silly new logo is growing on the other Dreadnoks – I copyrighted it!”




Dark grey backpack
Dark grey power jaws
Dark grey rifle
Black hose