Otis – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadhead Otis

Dreadnok Recruit

File Name: Smith, Theodore I.

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Dreadhead Otis is the eldest cousin of a wealthy family with a long history in the firearms manufactoring business. His infatuation with power is only matched by his appetite for mayhem. He´s used to getting things “his way”, no matter what the consequences. After becoming an outcast in his hometown, he sought out his younger cousins to create a biker gang to terrorize the county. As their leader, he uses their insidious talents to fulfill his whims and eradicate anything that impedes their pathway of destruction.

Using his cousins to gather information about the Cobra organization, he found a weak opening to exploit in their favor. Dreadhead Otis is the mastermind behind the new recruits´ plan to infiltrate the Dreadnoks gang and exact revenge on the G.I. Joe member known as Beachhead. It has taken many years to track him down, and he isn´t getting away this time.

“I love the smell of burning tires in the morning.”




Grey shotgun
Grey rifle