Mutt & Junkyard II – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Mutt & Junkyard II

Tiger Force Military Police & K-9

File Name: Perlmutter, Stanley G.

SN: 231-56-MA10

Primary Military Speciality: Dog Handler

Secondary Military Speciality: Infantry (11B)

Birthplace: Iselin, New Jersey

Grade: E-5

Mutt had five dogs while growing up and is a natural with animals. He had a particular knack for training them to obey his every command. The problem is that he gets along better with the dogs than he does with humans. Mutt enlisted in the Army and graduated from Jungle Warfare Training School as well as Special Ops School. He was eventually scooped up by the Military Police K-9 unit. He worked with his original dog “Junkyard” for over a decade, but gave him a nice retirement at his family home.

He continued to train other dogs for the military, until he recognized one dog that stood out in particular. Carrying on the legacy of his original partner, Mutt & Junkyard II have worked together ever since. They no longer need to give each other audible or visible signals – it´s almost as if they function as one organism. If the bad guys decide to put up a fight, they´d better be prepared to get ripped to shreds by a howling, savage beast, and then they´ll have to contend with the dog!

“My hasty assignment to Tiger Force is a mystery, but running through the swamps will be good exercise for both of us.”




Brown dogleash
Black rifle
Black pistol