Hardtop – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Hardtop

Tiger Force Special Operations

File Name: Klas, Nicholas D.

SN: 284-10-MC75

Primary Military Speciality: Electronics and Mechanical Engineer

Secondary Military Speciality: Heavy Equipment Operator (62E)

Birthplace: Chicago, Illinois

Grade: E-5

Hardtop is the G.I. Joe team´s Special Operations Engineer. If you tell him to movc something to the top of the mountain, he doesn´t ask how to get it there, why it has to be there, or even where the mountain is – he just gets it there. What? No road up that mountain? Hardtop will make his own road! No level clearing on top? No problem – just don´t get in his way.

He was the original designer and operator of the crawler transport for the Defiant Space Shuttle. After years of working on the G.I. Joe space program, budget cuts caused him to switch specialities and work as a liaison for the National Space Agency. Although most of his previous work is still classified, the development of a highly efficient low cost Fuel Cell has made him popular with the U.S. Government, as well as one of Cobra Commander´s most wanted prisoners.

“A nod and a handshake says I´ll take that job.”




Grey pistol
Black microphone