Demolishor – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Demolishor

Dreadnok Agent

File Name: Torngark, Sukko

Birthplace: Pikangikum, Ontario, Canada

An aboriginal native, Dreadnok Demolishor grew up in the frigid northern reaches of the Canadian wilderness. He eked out an existince as a nomadic hunter, and became an amateur demolitions enthusiast just to relieve his growing depression. Unfortunately, he eventually ran out of things to destroy in his stomping grounds and grew restless. Hating his surroundings and in need of new avenues to vent his frustrations, he heard of a band of like-minded social miscreants based in Florida and slowly made his way south to Dreadnok territory.

Apparently, years of surviving in the frigid permafrost have given Demolishor an almost superhuman threshold of pain. Zarana was shocked the day this new recruit came knocking at the door of the Dreadnok compound – not just because of his frightening look, but because he apparently made it past all of their defensives by just strolling through the traps and shrugging them off. It is lucky for Demolishor that his pain centers are so poorly developed, because he is not the most talented agent of destruction in the Dreadnok arsenal – as his scars will attest. But at least he can walk away from his mistakes!

“Tell me when that´s supposed to hurt.”




Black grenade launcher
Black rifle