Crusher – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Crusher

Dreadnok Agent

File Name: Rivera, Roberto K.

Birthplace: Kissimmee, Florida

Dreadnok Crusher was once a professional wrestler with a promising career. However, he hated authority and would not follow anyone else´s rules. His short temper caused him to break everything inside and outside of the ring – not to mention the entire regulations book. His unscrupulous behavior ultimately got him ejected from a championship match and summarily barred from the sport forever!

Now he gets his kicks wrestiling alligators and poaching in the swamps. He is wanted by every environmental agency on the continent, and enjoy taunting local law enforcement with his outlandish wrestling poses while flaunting his animal skins and other illegal trophies. Dreadnok Crusher eventually ran into the gang and proved his worthniness by beating every one of them (except Dreadnok Road Pig of course) with his grappling expertise. The other Dreadnoks are still wondering what happened to Dreadnok Agent Gnawgahyde after he mysteriously vanished from an overnight hunting expedition with Dreadnok Crusher.

“Once the Crusher gets his hands on you, there is no escape from the PAIN!”




Black backpack
Black hat
Black bow
Black machete
Black knife