Cletus – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadhead Cletus

Dreadnok Recruit

File Name: Wesson, Terrance W.

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Dreadhead Cletus is the strong and silent type, until something makes him mad – which is most of society. He´s an avid hunter and trapper, with a large collection of weaponry (crossbows to automatic rifles). Thanks to the family business, he always has the latest in fire-power to share with his cousins. He´s generally a walking arsenal, but still prefers the challenge of a face-to-face bare knuckle brawl.

Over the last several years, Dreadhead Cletus has harbored ill-will towards Beachhead of the G.I. Joe team. Using some of his family connections, he was able to follow the soldier´s career but never had the opportunity to get to him. Recently, he and his cousins came across the notorious Dreadnok gang and made them an offer that was too good to refuse.

“Come here and let me adjust our face!”




Grey shotgun
Grey rifle