Buzzer – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Buzzer

Dreadnok Agent

File Name: Blinken-Smythe, Dick

Birthplace: Cambridge, England

One of the founding members of the Dreadnoks, Dreadnok Buzzer fell in with Zartan´s gang while on a sociological research assignment for Cambridge in his native Englang. He soon came to enjoy the same lifestyle he was studying, and now thrives on the anarchy that comes with being a Dreadnok. His intelligence once made him second-in-command of the Dreadnoks, but his ineptitude led to his being supplanted by Zarana. He still maintains some authority over newer Dreadnoks, but secretly yearns for the day he can regain his position – even if it means getting rid of the competition.

Dreadnok Buzzer´s love of chainsaws makes him annoying – the constant noise even gets on the nerves of his fellow Dreadnoks. But what makes him truely evil is his apparent hatred for animals. He has a particular animosity towards the K-9 unit of the G.I. Joe team, especially Junkyard and his partner Mutt. They have clashed numerous times over the years, and Dreadnok Buzzer sadistically looks forward to the day he can engage them again.

“Hey mate, I let my chainsaw do the talking for me!”




Dark grey backpack
Dark grey gas can
Dark grey axe
Dark grey chain saw