Billy-Bob – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadhead Billy-Bob

Dreadnok Recruit

File Name: Wesson, Horatio T.

Birthplace: Auburn, Alabama

Dreadhead Billy-Bob considere himself to be the most handsome Dreadhead, despite the fact that all six are identical cousins (a fact that still baffles local doctors). He nonetheless manages to be quite suave and debonair, effortlessly smooth-talking his associates and enemies alike. The consummate scam artist and con man, he particularly enjoys using his talents on Zarana, needless to say, this does not sit well with Dreadnok Road Pig.

Billy-Bob´s cocky attitude got him into serious trouble years ago, when he foolishly tried to steal away Beachhead´s girlfriend at a local dance. The Dreadhead had to sneak out of the resulting brawl before his face sustained any damage, and to this day Billy-Bob holds a grudge against this G.I. Joe for embarrassing him.

“No matter what disguise Zarana uses, she will never appear as gorgeous as I am!”




Grey shotgun
Grey rifle