Zartan/Hawk – Morphing Set

Code Name: Zartan

Master of Disguise

File Name: Unknown (Uses aliases too numerous to list.)

Birthplace: Unknown

Zartan is one of the most notorious mercenaries working for the Cobra organization. He is a gifted impersonator, ventriloquist, linguist (over twenty languages), acrobatic contortionist, and a master of several mystic martial arts. Highly skilled in both infiltration and espionage, he uses an almost chameleon-like ability to blend into his surrounding environment. This is accomplished with specially designed microchip-sized hologram projectors implanted into his uniform, weapons, and equipment. He uses a stealth “invisibility” to enter top secret locations unnoticed and often impersonates members of the G.I. Joe team.

His current scheme is the theft of a top secret Hydrogen Fuel Cell. However, to accomplish this task, he must assume the identity of General Hawk Abernathy and assign unsuspecting troops to the Tiger Force unit. These soldiers will carry out an ill-fated mission to a secret base that doesn´t exist – a mission destined for failure at the hands of his sister, Zarana and the Dreadnoks.

“Like the king of a chess game, I´ve appointed my queen to a position of power, allowing her to maneuver my pawns around the board and set a trap for my enemies.”


isometric 1

accessories 1

Clear chestplate
2 x clear thigh plates
Black pistol

isometric 2

accessories 2

Grey cowl

isometric 3

accessories 3

No Accessories