Zanzibar – Dreadnok Drivers

Code Name: Dreadnok Zanzibar

Dreadnok Pirate

File Name: Teach, Morgan

Birthplace: Cayman Islands

Dreadnok Zanzibar made a name for himself as a freelance pirate, using his natural talent for vehicular engineering to device his own “air skiff” out of stolen and discarded parts long before such technology seemed possible. When he met up with the Dreadnoks while unloading a stolen shipment of bootleg gasoline, the similar attitude and attire seemed like kismet, and he became a Dreadnok on the spot – a decision every other Dreadnok came to regret. They soon realized he was even more despicable, ideosyncratic and bizarre than all of the others combined.

Dreadnok Zanzibar refers to himself as a globe-trotting rogue, a romantic mercenary, and a modern-day swashbuckler- The bottom line is that he´s a freak with a ponytail and an eye patch. Zarana suspects there isn´t even anything wrong with his eye! His fellow Dreadnoks put up with him because of his apparent skills in banditry, extortion and hijacking, but his flamboyant personality rubs everyone the wrong way.

“It´s a pirate´s life for me!”




Grey spear
Grey hammer
Grey pistol