Thrasher – Dreadnok Rampage

Code Name: Dreadnok Thrasher

Dreadnok Driver

File Name: La Crosse, Bruno

Birthplace: Brussels, Belgium

Dreadnok Thrasher was spoiled as a child by his nice middle class parents in their nice middle class neighborhood. He was never diciplined, since his parents believed this would “stifle energies he might need later in life”. Thrasher was never denied anything he asked for, even though everything he asked for wound up causing some type of unexplainable destruction or minor disaster. He got everything he wanted but that wasn´t enough! At a tender young age, this “wild child” wandered into the swamps where he could do what he pleased. It was in the swamps where he met up with Zartan and the Dreadnoks and was welcomed into the fold.

Dreadnok Thrasher does the most damage behind the steering column of anything with three wheels and up. His unique vehicle creations continue to impress his fellow Dreadnoks, although it´s his bragging and boasting that cause the gang to ignore him the rest of the time.

“Every vehicle needs a custom-fit jet engine and a big machine gun.”




Black rifle
Silver knife