Lady Jaye – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Lady Jaye

Covert Operations

File Name: Hart-Burnett, Alison R.

SN: 853-71-HB49

Primary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Secondary Military Speciality: Personnel Clerk (75H)

Birthplace: Martha´s Vineyard, Massachusetts.

Grade: E-6

Lady Jaye is one of the G.I. Joe team´s premiere Covert Ops agents. While not a tenacious physical force like her secret beau Flint, she can hold her own in a fight, even when only armed with her trademark custom javelins. More often than not, is is her Ranger training that comes into play, tracking enemy agents back to their lairs and lying in wait until she gathers the intelligence she needs. She can flawlessly impersonate the social behaviour and languages of other cultures, a necessity when hunting down international conspirators and not knowing what country she will be in next.

Ordered by Major Storm to infiltrate several of the world´s most ruthless criminal organizations to discover the masterminds behind the sabotage of the Mobile Strike Headquarters, she has thus far only been able to turn up one name: “Black Dragon”. Apparently this man or organization is so secretive, and strikes such terror into the hearts of even the basest villains, that speaking any more about them would seal their fates. Will this lead be enough to bring this scum to justice before they strike again?




Black backpack
Black videorecorder
Black javelingun
Black submachine gun