Cobra Commander – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Cobra Commander

Cobra Island Supreme Ruler

File Name: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Intelligence

Secondary Military Speciality: Ordnance (Experimental Weaponry)

Birthplace: Classified

Grade: Commander-In-Chief

Cobra Commander first learned of the Black Dragon organization when their leader petitioned for an alliance between the two subversive groups, destroying the G.I. Joe Mobile Strike Headquarters as a “gift” to prove their worth. While Cobra Commander routinely squashes any threat to his leadership, he has allowed the two groups to form a tenous partnership, a relationship which will exist solely to serve the selfish interests of the Almighty Hooded One!

For decades, Cobra Commander has had his plans foiled by the G.I. Joe Team. On the eve of this historic union, he has taken no chance, increasing Cobra Island perimeter patrols by Swamp-Viper team members and doubling the overhead Flight Pods piloted by Air-Viper members. Finally, with the unstoppable might of the Black Dragon organization to be used as pawns at his disposal, he plans to eliminate G.I. Joe once and for all, freeing himself to conquer the world unchallenged in his own selfish pursuit of power and riches!

“This day has been long time coming, but soon I will taste the sweet nectar of victory. Black Dragon does not dare challenge my authority, and no Joes would be foolish enough to attack me on my own island!”




Red cape
Black rifle
Black knife