Black Dragon Trooper – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Black Dragon Trooper

Spy Organization Agents of Destruction

Primary Military Speciality: Subversion & Espionage

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolitions

Black Dragon Trooper members are master spies, perfecting their art for generations. They are recruited in secret, trained endlessly, and if they do not measure up to the organization´s exacting standards they are never heard from again. In addition to basic spy skills, they also develop specific expertise based on their innate abilities and their Supreme Leader´s needs, be it counter-intelligence, sabotage, infiltration, demolition, surveillance, subterfuge, interrogation, or even personal bodyguards.

Masters of virtually all small arms and explosives known, as well as many martial arts diciplines, they have been taught to use any item they can get their hands on as a weapon. They follow orders with ruthless efficiency out of sheer dedication to the Black Dragon organization. Whatever techniques Black Dragon Leader uses to enforce his will, they can not be bribed, brainwashed or broken. They complete their missions at all costs, and are willing to obey Cobra Commander´s orders as well – for as long as their true leader tells them to.

From Cobra Commander´s Files: “These troops are so coldly obedient, they make perfect additions to the Cobra cause – and they look so much better now that they wear Cobra uniforms!”




Black backpack
Black submachine gun
Black laser rifle
Black flamethrower
Black rifle