Black Dragon – Operation Anaconda

Code Name: Black Dragon

Spy Organization Warlord

File Name: Unknown

Primary Military Speciality: Espionage

Secondary Military Speciality: Demolitions, Weapons and Tactics

Birthplace: Unknown

The Black Dragon organization has existed since before the cold war, providing services to whatever world power it deemed most important to its own long term goals. Their island headquarters in the South Atlantic was thought destroyed by the original G.I. Joe team over thirty years ago, but the sole survivor of that debacle has declared himself the new Surpreme Leader and has since built an impregnable fortress deep beneath those same ruins, far from the eyes of any world power. Under his unbending will, this group has risen to become the foremost source of espionage agents in the world. Their true purpose, however, is revenge – and the Black Dragon Leader will stop at nothing short of the total destruction of the G.I. Joe Team. Joining with Cobra Commander will give him access to the advanced weapons and tactical data he feels he needs to complete this objective.

He, along with many of his top saboteurs, is known to carry untraditional bladed or even custom-designed weaponry. This is because of the efficiency of silent weapons and the fear they instill in opponents, not because of any “ninja” implications, an overused term he resents.

From Cobra Commander´s Files: “It may have cost me a fortune in weapons and armor, but gaining access to a virtual army of Firefly-class field agents is invaluable!”




Gold machinegun
Gold sword
Gold katana