Xamot v3 (Fuchsia)
– 2002 Crimson Strike Team

Code Name: Xamot

Crimson Strike Team Commander

File Name: Classified

SN: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Espionage, Infiltration, sabotage, progaganda and corporate law.

Birthplace: Unknown Island in the Mediterranean

Using their Extensive Enterprises corporation, Xamot and his twin brother, Tomax, provide legal aid to Cobra by waging war with lawsuites and fighting legal battles in executive boardrooms. The brothers are mirror images of one another except for the scar on Xamot´s face, acquired while serving in the Foreign Legion. It was this scar that finally propelled Xamot to exchange his machine gun for a briefcase, ultimately creating two of the most fearsome mercenaries and allies to the Cobra Commander, they formulated a plot to gain far greater resources for themselves. With the help of the Baroness, they formed the Crimson Strike Team made up of the best infantry soldies Cobra has to offer (or take in this case). Xamot shares command of the strike force with his brother. He uses his squad specifically for sabotage operations and raids on companies that conflict with their own private business ventures.

“I stomp out the competition, or just audit them out of existence.”




Black submachine gun
Black knife