Viper v7 (Fuchsia)
– 2002 Crimson Strike Team

Code Name: Viper

Crimson Strike Team Trooper

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Cobra Vipers have always been the backbone of the Cobra Legions. But taken from their ranks are troopers who have been recruited in the Crimson Strike Team – an elite group of shock troops and bodyguards loyal only to the secret cabal formed by the Baroness and Tomax & Xamot. They are hand-selected not only for their superior skills and ruthless efficiency, but also for their overwhelming greed. Untraceable financial incentives from the Crimson Twins, and brainwashing from the Baroness, ensure their unswerving loyalty – even to the point of following the orders of the treacherous trio in direct opposition of Cobra Commander himself. These Cobra Vipers are ready to lay down their lives for the Baroness and their Crimson Commanders, it not out of fanatism then for the substantial mission bonuses!

Although they are not artificially enhanced like Cobra Neo-Vipers, the Cobra Vipers of the Crimson Strike Team are no less formidable. Their hand-to-hand combat training renders them so deadly that weapons and armor are virtually unnecessary. Nontheless, they carry specially modified Viper gear; assualt rifles, a wide variety of small arms, the latest energy-displacing body armor, and helmets with built-in night vision visors and radio telecommunications gear (specifically tuned to their crimson cmmander´s secret frequencies).

“We attack like a crimson tide washing over the battlefield, leaving only destruction in our wake.




Black rifle
Black backpack