Tomax v3 (Fuchsia)
– 2002 Crimson Strike Team

Code Name: Tomax

Crimson Strike Team Commander

File Name: Classified

SN: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Espionage, Infiltration, sabotage, progaganda and corporate law.

Birthplace: Unknown Island in the Mediterranean

Tomax and his twin brother, Xamot, are the sinister partners keeping Cobra Commander from going bankrupt. However, their years of serving under him had not given them the total financial independence or the full range of power they desired. In a risky venture, they formed a secret alliance with the Baroness. Using the candidates she selects from within Cobra, they have steadily amassed an army of Cobra Vipers – loyal only to their cause. Each infantry trooper must be summarily “written-off” the books as casualties of war before they can be recruited into the Crimson Strike Team. This ambitious operation allows the Crimson Twins to operate right under the noses of the Cobra hierarchy. Tomax shares command of the strike force with his brother. Splitting the unit into squads, they attack any target opposing their corporate takeovers. This allows not only the taking of one building, but also the ability to take an entire city block.

“Our Greed is deadlier than your weapons.”




Black submachine gun
Black knife