Baroness v3 (Fuchsia)
– 2002 Crimson Strike Team

Code Name: Baroness

Crimson Strike Team Intelligence Officer

File Name: “DeCobray”, Anastasia

SN: Classified

Primary Military Speciality: Intelligence Operations

Secondary Military Speciality: Fixed Wing Pilot

Birthplace: Classified

The Baroness has never made a move that has not been calculated to achieve one primary goal – her own self interest. The formation of the Crimson Strike Team exemplifies this behaviour. In alliance with Tomax & Xamot, she formed an elite squad of Vipers loyal only to its founders. Financial incentives provided by the Crimson Twins coupled with the powerful brainwashing of the Baroness have created two lethal squads of Crimson infantry troopers, one squad led by Tomax and the other by his brother Xamot. By all outward appearances, the Cobra Vipers are all that is desired by Cobra Commander – powerful, lethal, greedy and loyal to the Cobra cause of dominating the world! Yet the Baroness has utilized her almost siren-like hypnotic techniques to train the Vipers to obey only herself and if it meets her needs, the Crimson twins. Brains and ambition are admirable attributes. However, when mixed with insatiable greed and a deep lust for power, the result can be lethal. Baroness is that result. The Crimson Strike Team provides the lethal means to achieve her desired maniacal ends.




2x silver machine guns
Black backpack