Wild Boar

Code Name: Wild Boar

Razorback Driver

The Razorback is the principle front-line assault vehicle for the Iron Grenadiers. Its impressive firepower capabilities can totally destroy an enemy vehicle within minutes! Only the “créme de la créme” of the Iron Grenadiers can be admitted into the Razorback driver program. All recruits must endure a torturous training schedule that stresses discipline, discipline and more discipline! Those who survive receive the respect of being a Razorback driver and many shares of stock in Destro´s lucrative profit-sharing plan!

“Iron Grenadier forces – though numerically inferior to Cobra – are better trained, better equipped, and enjoy the benefits of better qualified leadership. The Wild Boars are formidable opponents on the battlefield because they embody the most fearsome of attributes – the will to succeed!”



Black helmet
Black hose