Ozone v2 – Star Brigade

Code Name: Ozone

Astro-Infantry Trooper

File Name: Kunitz, David F.

SN: 245-7001-DK27

Primary Military Speciality: Environmental Health

Secondary Military Speciality: Chemical Laboratory Expert

Birthplace: Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania

Grade: E-4

Ozone is the Star Brigade´s specialist in atmospheric disperal toxins. He´s an expert at neutralizing various forms of airborne sludge and other harmful chemicals while replenishing the ozone layer around the Earth´s atmosphere. Not only does he protect the planet from environmental devastion, he also enjoys kicking Cobra´s butt half-way across the universe! The way he figures it, everyone should help preservc the Earth´s fragile ozone layer – leave the Cobra butt kicking to the Star Brigade.

“I love the noise a rapid-fire laser rifle puts out… I´ll miss that sound in the silent void of space.”




Orange missile launcher
Black rifle
Black submachine gun
2xBlack missiles
Black machete
Black shutgun
Black footplate
Red helmet