Crazylegs v2 – Night Force

Code Name: Crazylegs

Assault Trooper

File Name: Thomas, David O.

SN: 870-28-9277

Primary Military Speciality: Infantry

Secondary Military Speciality: Parachute Rigger

Birthplace: Ft. Dodge, Iowa

Grade: E-4

Crazylegs could have been the greatest organist in the world if his fingers weren´t too short. The Airborne Rangers don´t care how perfectly he can play Bach´s Toccata and Fugue in D Minor, they´re only concerned with his willingness to jump out of a helicopter onto a hot LZ* with nothing but a rifle, a couple of grenades and the best wishes of your commanding officer. Crazylegs is Airborne Ranger qualified and has been cross-trained as a forward artillery observer.

* Landing Zone

“Night Force operates stealthly in environments where the team is usually outnumbered and outgunned. darkness is their best defence, only until the first shot has been fired! Once the team´s presence and position has been compromised, it´s up to Crazylegs to provide enough firepower and confusion to cover a tactical withdrawal. He loads 100% tracer ammo instead of the usual 1 to 5 ratio. This makes the other guy think there are twice as many out there coming at him!”



Black parachute pack
Black rifle w/stock