Code Name: Windmill

Skystorm Pilot

File Name: Roth, Edwards J.

SN: 019-21-1858

Primary Military Speciality: Stopped-Rotor Aircraft Operator

Secondary Military Speciality: Attack Helicopter Pilot

Birthplace: Allentown, PA

Grade: O-3

Windmill was a flight instructor at the Army Flight Warrant Officers School in Fort Rucket and later flew experimental helicopter prototypes at the same facility for the Army Aviation Department Test Activity. You might think that test-piloting helicopters is easier, or even safer than testing jet fighters. Consider this – helicopters don´t have ejection seats. If you make a mistake, you ride down with it!

“When the G.I. Joes are sitting on a hot LZ* waiting for an extraction chopper, they want fast air-support with maximum fire-suppression. The X-Wing Chopper clocks at 346 mph in its stopped-rotor mode and can carry a bigger payload than a Dragonfly. Windmill can get there faster, with more thrust, and once he´s there, he can make every piece of ordnance count!”

* LZ Landing Zone



Black pistol